Cineflix Productions and Discovery Channel’s “Murder in Paradise”

We filmed the underwater segment with Cineflix Productions this week in Hawaii – for the Discovery Channel series, “Murder in Paradise.”


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“MISSION BLUE” – Debuts Tomorrow Night in Santa Barbara

Opening up Thursday night in Santa Barbara and next week in Berlin, Mission Blue follows the incredible life of Dr. Sylvia Earle and her mission to save our ocean.

Directed by Fisher Stevens (The Cove) and Bob Nixon (Gorillas in the Mist). Cinematography by Axel Baumann, Damien Drake and Bryce Groark.

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“SACRED MOUNTAIN” ‘A’ole Thirty Meter Telescope


“Sacred Mountain” is a new, short film we produced and directed regarding the fight for Hawai’i’s most sacred mountain, Mauna Kea.  The issue lies with one of the world’s largest telescopes (Thirty Meter Telescope) being proposed for the summit of Mauna Kea, a place of immense cultural significance to the Hawaiian people.

Watch the 7 minute film here: 


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“MISSION BLUE” to open the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and at Berlinale

After almost 4 years and many miles around the world, we’re stoked to announce that Mission Blue will be the opening film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on January 30 and then will debut in Europe at Berlinale, The Berlin International Film Festival in February.

Variety Article here:


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Some of our footage is part of a new film by our good friend and shark advocate, Stefanie Brendl, called “Extinction Soup”

“Extinction Soup” is a documentary feature film that exposes the mass slaughter of sharks for their fins and the movement to stop it.  Check out the trailer and Indiegogo Fundraising page here:


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Our work is part of an upcoming National Geographic and FOX documentary series called “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey will invent new modes of scientific storytelling to reveal the grandeur of the universe and re-invent celebrated elements of the original series, including the Cosmic Calendar and the Ship of the Imagination.

Uniting scepticism and wonder, and weaving rigorous science with visual, emotional and spiritual elements, it will be a transcendent experience – a vision of the cosmos on the grandest scale we know.

Watch the trailer for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey below: 

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey


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gallery mELD Art Talk

If you’re in Kona this Friday night, stop by gallery mELD (next to the Brewpub) for a talk story with Bryce Groark and Daniel Sheinfeld:

mELD flyer for Talk Story 2

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Producing a Short Film on Farming Tilapia Sustainably in Honduras

We just traveled to the middle of Honduras to film Regal Springs, an ASC Certified tilapia farm near San Pedro Sula and Lake Yojoa.  A unique place unlike any we’ve been before.  Farming fish sustainably while building communities:


honduras 8

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Shooting for Red Bull – Breath Hold Training & Surf Survival

Bryce filmed all of the underwater portion for this breath hold training in Hawaii last month with Red Bull and their Women’s Mountain/Ski team – with Kaya Turski, Arielle Gold, Michelle Parker, Heather McPhie, Grete Eliassen and Kristin Allen (Cirque de Soleil Artist).  Story here:




Bryce Groark filming breath hold training during the pool sessions

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Gallery mELD Opens in Kona

Bryce’s work on aluminum now showing in Kona’s unique, new Gallery mELD.  It’s next to the Brewpub – check it out if you’re in town – currently featuring 9 different local artists:


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ESPN Nine for IX – “No Limits” Premieres on ESPN July 23rd at 8pm

Bryce filmed a segment for this film, called “No Limits,” with Triple Threat TV and Alison Ellwood.  It plays tomorrow night on ESPN as part of their Nine for IX series – Watch the trailer here:



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Olamau Race – Hawaii, 2013


Bryce shot the Olamau Race with the Four Seasons’ Alakai Nalu team this year.  The Olamau is an epic open ocean canoe race that’s 100 miles long over 3 days here on the Big Island.  Here’s a few pics from the first two days.  Check out the website for the race:


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Scuba Diving Magazine – July 2013

Bryce’s turtle pics in the July 2013 issue of Scuba Diving Magazine:


GOOD Magazine – Bryce’s Article on Protecting Sharks

Check out an article Bryce wrote for Good Magazine that went out today regarding the conflicts with the Shark Conservation Act, signed by President Obama in 2011.  Link for the article here:


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Australia – Expedition Report for Mission Blue: The Coral Sea and Outer Great Barrier Reef

Fisher Stevens, Dr. Sylvia Earle and Bryce Groark after three dives on the Great Barrier Reef

Fisher Stevens, Dr. Sylvia Earle and Bryce Groark after three dives on the Great Barrier Reef

May 2013:  The Mission Blue film crew and Dr. Sylvia Earle left port from Cairns, Australia to explore and document the remote Holmes and Osprey Reefs in the outer Coral Sea (over 250km offshore mainland Australia) – with a planned stop on the Great Barrier Reef on the return trip in.

Heavy winds and weather restricted us to the seldom visited Holmes Reef for the majority of our trip.  The water quality was incredible at Holmes, but the poor health of the corals and shortage of fish life left a real concern.  Some have blamed the weather and cyclones for the coral die off – but even with the minimal time we had there, we were surprised at our how much of the area seemed to be struggling overall.  We did see some healthier corals (in water deeper than 25-30 meters) as well as the occasional snapper and grouper cruising by – but not in any abundance.  Sharks (Silvertip, Gray Reef and Whitetip Reef) were present, but in lower numbers than expected.  Holmes was also home to a good population of fearless boobies and gannets – who take residence on the only sand spit in the area.

We spent our last day on the Ribbon Reefs of the Great Barrier Reef.  We found an incredible spot in Steve’s Bommie, which was loaded with life – so much diversity, abundance and high end predators present.  Ironically, we were expecting to find the more healthy system farther away from land at Holmes Reef, but the more thriving reef of the trip turned out to be on the inside, closer to land, where the area is more protected from outside pressures.

The Coral Sea is an epic spot – a massive space home to so much life.  The Hope is to increase the protection from parts of the Great Barrier Reef to the outer Coral Sea area – and get spots like Holmes Reef back to where it should be.  To learn more about potential new laws which will protect the Coral Sea and make it the world’s largest permanent marine park, go to:

Bryce Groark – Underwater Cinematographer, Mission Blue

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Working with the National Science Teachers Association on a new iBook course

Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides Pthirophagus) copy - Version 2Our little film from 2006, “Hawaiian Showers” will be part of a new iBook called, “The Interdependence of Life.”  It’s a short film showing how fish take showers on a daily basis here on the Hawaiian reefs.  Click on the link below if you haven’t seen the film before:   Play HAWAIIAN SHOWERS HERE

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Photographing a Hawaii Fish Farm for the State of Hawaii

Fish farming started countless years ago here locally with the ancient Hawaiians and their fish ponds (  Modern fish farming has also been occurring in Hawaii for quite some time on a couple of the Islands.  Bryce recently went out and shot some images for the State of Hawaii for a new campaign they are working on.  Standby for more on this topic.

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Bryce’s presentation at the Waimea Ocean Film Festival This Week

Check out the Waimea Ocean Film Festival this week on the Big Island – lots of great speakers and films on hand this year.  Bryce will be speaking at the Kahilu Theatre in Waimea this Friday from 4 to 5:30pm.  Come and check it out and support the film festival all week long:

Recommended Films: The Island President, Bag It and Chasing Ice


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“No Limits” – Filming for ESPN and Triple Threat TV

Filmed this past week with Triple Threat Television – for a new ESPN Film coming out Summer 2013 called “No Limits.”  It’s part of a new film series by ESPN which will be called Nine for IX – all stories about incredible women, similar to the recent ESPN 30 for 30 series.

Website for the film here:


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National Geographic story on our recent Mission Blue expedition to Cabo Pulmo

Check out the story here:


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On Assignment – Mission Blue – Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

Just back from a great shoot in Cabo Pulmo with Sylvia Earle, Jeremy Jackson, Octavio Aburto and the Mission Blue film crew.

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TIME Magazine – Best Inventions of the Year 2012 Photo

“A Drifting Fish Farm” – Kampachi Farms in Hawaii wins one of the Best Inventions of the Year Award by TIME Magazine.  Our image is included in the story:

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Our work is part of an upcoming National Geographic documentary called “Aliens of the Deep”

We filmed a segment for this film earlier in the year.  It airs on the National Geographic Channel on September 17, 2012 – starring Bob Ballard.  Also available on

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On Assignment – Producing a short film on Sustainable Aquaculture – Isla Todos Santos, Mexico

Living Ocean is producing a piece on sustainable aquaculture in Baja, Mexico off the magical island of Todos Santos – featuring the soybean industry, Pacifico Aquaculture and Hubbs Sea World Research Institute.  CLICK HERE for VIDEO

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On Assignment – Filming Pilot Whales in the Canary Islands

Filming Pilot Whales off the coast of Tenerife in the Canary Islands

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On Assignment – Filming Giant Pelagic Manta Rays at Islas Revillagigedos, Mexico with Ocean Preservation Alliance

Awesome week at sea with Ocean Preservation Alliance.  We were working at Islas Revillagigedos – filming, diving and conducting research with Dr Bob Rubin (Pacific Manta Research Group) and shark expert, Mauricio Hoyos (Migramar).

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On Assignment – Humpback Whales in Okinawa, Japan

Just back from a week in Japan on a unique little island named, Kume, in the Okinawa province.  We were filming humpback whales in the area.  It was an awesome week – had some incredible encounters with the weather, the people and the whales.  Stay tuned for more from this upcoming film – Whale Like Me…

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Speaking at Waimea Ocean Film Festival

Bryce is giving a talk at the WOFF this Friday, January 6 from 3:30 – 5pm at the Kahilu Theatre in Waimea.  Lots of great films at this years festival…CLICK HERE FOR PROGRAM GUIDE:WOFF_2012program_31dec

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Filming for new show called, Ocean Men – Hammerheads

Out filming hammerheads today.  Only found one batch of 4 mingling at the surface – enough for one shot with Brett LeMaster…..

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Photo Exhibition at the Museum of Discovery and Science – Ft Lauderdale

20 of Bryce’s images are on display at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft Lauderdale – with the Perseus Award and Pacific Bound Yachts

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Filming for Ocean Men – new series coming soon.

We filmed the underwater portions of a sizzle reel for a new Discovery series called, Ocean Men, here in Kona today.  Standby for more…

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We’re heading to Monaco for the Boat Show with OPA

Ocean Preservation Alliance in Monaco 2011 – more to follow on this soon.

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Cover Shot – National Fisherman

One of Bryce’s photos is the cover of the October 2011 issue of National Fisherman.  It was taken over 160 miles offshore Hawaii at the Cross Seamount, documenting the commercial tuna fishery and Captain Kenton Geer.

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California Senate votes 25-8 to ban shark fin soup!

Amazing news with California voting to ban shark fin products in the state.  Governor hopefully to sign into law soon.  This was a huge hurdle in the battle for sharks – and so many groups and individuals came together to make it happen and show people how important this law really is.

Congratulations to WildAid, Oceana, Shark Savers, Sea Stewards and everyone else involved.

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On Assignment – Filming Humpback Whales in Rarotonga with Whale Like Me

Heading to Rarotonga for a week filming humpbacks with the crew from Whale Like Me – out of New Zealand.

Whale Like Me – The Film – site here:

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On Assignment – New Project with Kona Blue and National Geographic

Living Ocean filming and producing a new piece on Kona Blue’s new initiative – an offshore fish farm that free floats in the currents while raising Kona Kampachi in the open ocean.  Footage from this process is also being used for a new film on National Geographic Television called, “Alien Deep” – Hosted by Bob Ballard (Titanic) and Produced by Lone Wolf Documentary Group.

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On Assignment – “Choices” with McManus Studios

Living Ocean filming the underwater scenes for McManus Studios’ new film, “Choices” – here on the Kona Coast

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On Assignment – Mission Blue Chesapeake Bay

Heading to Chesapeake Bay with the Mission Blue crew to film the all important Menhaden Fishery – with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and  The Menhaden Coalition


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