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We’re heading to Monaco for the Boat Show with OPA

Ocean Preservation Alliance in Monaco 2011 – more to follow on this soon.

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Cover Shot – National Fisherman

One of Bryce’s photos is the cover of the October 2011 issue of National Fisherman.  It was taken over 160 miles offshore Hawaii at the Cross Seamount, documenting the commercial tuna fishery and Captain Kenton Geer.

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California Senate votes 25-8 to ban shark fin soup!

Amazing news with California voting to ban shark fin products in the state.  Governor hopefully to sign into law soon.  This was a huge hurdle in the battle for sharks – and so many groups and individuals came together to make it happen and show people how important this law really is.

Congratulations to WildAid, Oceana, Shark Savers, Sea Stewards and everyone else involved.

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