Bryce Groark working with National Geographic – Ni’ihau

Bryce Groark is back from an amazing sailing expedition to Niihau with National Geographic and True Blue Films.  The crew were lucky enough to have multiple Hawaiian monk seal encounters on this trip – all filmed in 6K on the RED Epic Dragon for the new film Blue Centennial.  Dr Sylvia Earle, Brian Skerry and Richard Pyle all were featured on this expedition.

Bryce Groark with Dr Richard Pyle (Bishop Museum) and Brian Skerry (National Geographic) with the forbidden island of Ni’ihau in the background from the sailing ship Makani Olu
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Bryce in Midway Atoll with National Geographic

Bryce Groark – honoured to travel to Midway Atoll with National Geographic, Brian Skerry, Sylvia Earle and President Obama – as he announces the expansion of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument to the world this week.

Bryce Groark and Sylvia Earle heading to Midway Atoll to meet President Obama – Living Ocean Productions
Bryce Groark and Sylvia Earle heading to Midway Atoll to meet President Obama

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Bryce Groark at The Ocean Gala with Ocean Elders

By Bryce Groark

Stoked to have my film work playing on the walls at the The Ocean Gala last night in San Francisco. And super stoked to spend time with these two ocean legends. Tough to beat this combo @bobweir @officialjacksonbrowne@oceanelders @lonelywhale @actaiglobal

Bryce Groark with Bob Weir and Jackson Brown at the Ocean Gala in San Francisco – Living Ocean Productions
Bryce Groark, Jeff Orlowski, Sylvia Earle at the Ocean Gala – Living Ocean Productions
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Bryce Groark, Mark Cuban, and Shark Allies Stef Brendl for Shark Week

No better ally for sharks than this man – had an epic time working with @mcubanand @tigress_shark for @people and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week this year – hope his experience motivates him and others to get behind more logical ocean protection.

Bryce Groark, Mark Cuban and Stef Brendl after an epic day with sharks on the North Shore for Shark Week – Living Ocean Productions.
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Bryce Groark and Moonjelly in Nazare, Portugal

Bryce Groark – working on a new approach to decentralising and decolonising ocean conservation in the future – investing in people and impact with Moonjelly. Epic break with the team to go to Nazare as it was breaking over 30FT

Bryce Groark at Nazare, Portugal
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The Loneliest Whale + Bleecker Street Films

Bryce Groark is stoked to be part of this film and adventure coming out in July. The film was Executive Produced by @LeonardoDiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Lucy Sumner, @AdrianGrenier, Brian Devin and Evan Krauss and Directed by @josh.zeman. The film is distributed by @bleeckerstfilms

#TheLoneliestWhale isn’t just about our changing relationship to the ocean, but to ourselves and each other. 

Bryce Groark and John Calambokidis filming blue whales in California – Living Ocean Productions
Bryce Groark filming the Loneliest Whale with Bleecker Street Films
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Bryce and Damien directing a climate change commercial for The Nature Conservancy

Bryce Groark and Damien Drake have been working on a new spin to get more people talking talking about climate change in Hawaii. “Climate change doesn’t have to be a bad word.” Thanks to all those who helped make this happen – including Uncle Chucky + Ella, Kimie Miner, Keali‘i Reichel, Kainani Kahaunaele and Shawn Pimental –

Bryce Groark and Damien Drake directing new climate change commercial for The Nature Conservancy – Living Ocean Productions
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Directing three commercial spots for the National Aquarium in Baltimore

Bryce Groark + Damien Drake directing two commercial spots in Baltimore this week for the National Aquarium.

Bryce Groark and Damien Drake at the National Aquarium in Baltimore – Living Ocean Productions
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Bryce Groark + Lululemon For Earth Day

Bryce Groark speaking at a Lululemon Earth Day event in Los Angeles.

Mahalos to @Lululemon and @Dr.G_Monarchweho for bringing me in to talk Earth Day this week. Epic humans + epic companies = epic change @lululemonla @coola@drinknooma @tocayaorganica@stephaniegrecoyoga @adamgarone #hope

Bryce Groark speaking at a Lululemon Event on Earth Day in Los Angeles – Living Ocean Productions
Bryce Groark speaking at a Lululemon Event on Earth Day in Los Angeles
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Palmyra Atoll is a new Mission Blue Hope Spot

By Bryce Groark
The more I travel, the more I realize how important it is to protect our wildest places. Palmyra Atoll exemplifies wild and is truly one of the last, best places on this planet where nature thrives. I’m honored to be part of the team announcing Palmyra Atoll as the next Mission Blue Hope Spot.

Press release here:  

Bryce Groark and Sylvia Earle at Palmyra Atoll Hope Spot – Living Ocean Productions

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“Before the Flood” debuting tonight in Toronto at TIFF

We are proud to announce this powerful film Bryce Groark was fortunate enough to do the underwater cinematography for with Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens.  It debuts this weekend at TIFF and will be in theaters and on National Geographic October 21.  “The science is clear, the future is not.”


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Our newest film “The Working Waterfront” is Live on the web

Living Ocean and Coleman Communications have recently released a new film called “The Working Waterfront” – American Aquaculture in the 21st Century.

The new film looks at four established farms raising catfish in Alabama, salmon in Washington state, and oysters and mussels in Maine. The farmers talk about their commitment to environmental responsibility, economic benefits to their communities, and producing locally grown, high quality products for their customers. They also discuss challenges to growing a robust U.S.-based aquaculture community.

Press release HERE                       Watch film HERE

WW Horizontal.jpg

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Filming on location for National Geographic – the Pisces Submarines in Hawaii

Awesome trip for Bryce filming the Pisces IV and Pisces V submarines with the Hawaii Undersea Research Lab (HURL) off the coast of Oahu.  Filmed in 4K on the Arri Alexa Mini – for the new film Blue Centennial that will air in January 2015 on the National Geographic Channel.

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Filming on location for National Geographic – Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico

Bryce just had an epic trip to the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana coastline documenting the shrimp nearshore to whale sharks far offshore – detailing changes that have occurred since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill 6 years ago.  Filmed in 6K on the RED Dragon for a new film coming out in January 2017, called Blue Centennial.


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Filming on location for National Geographic – Buck Island, St Croix USVI

Bryce is back from an awesome and very productive week in St Croix, USVI with National Geographic and True Blue Films.  The story is related to the 100th anniversary of the National Park system in the US – more to come on this film soon.  Everything filmed in 5K on the RED Dragon in a Nauticam Housing


Bryce Groark and Dr Sylvia Earle after multiple dives at Buck Island - St Croix, USVI - Photo by: Juan Bertran

Bryce Groark and Dr Sylvia Earle after multiple dives at Buck Island – St Croix, USVI  Photo by: Juan Bertran


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Bryce Filming Grass Carp in Shanghai

Bryce Groark on location filming a story about farming grass carp in China. Carp is to the Chinese what chicken is to Americans. More carp is grown in China each year than all other aquaculture species combined across the world. It’s imperative to continually push more sustainable ways to achieve this.

Bryce Groark filming grass carp in Shanghai – Living Ocean Productions

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Filming on location in PALAU

Bryce Groark is back from an epic trip to Palau – continuing work on an amazing new climate change film with Insurgent Media.  Amazing place.  Everything underwater filmed on the RED Dragon in 6K with a Nauticam housing.

Paulau 4.jpg

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SHARK WEEK – 2016, Discovery Channel

Had a great week working at home in Hawaii with some epic individuals for a new Shark Week episode this year that will play on Discovery Channel in June called “Deadliest Sharks.”  Thanks to Radley Studios for having us onboard and sending the world a proper message on sharks. Bryce captured some amazing footage in 5K on the RED Epic.  Our show was focused on the majestic Oceanic Whitetip Shark that exists way offshore in the blue water.  More to follow:


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New Film on Climate Change

Bryce Groark is back from a trip to Miami working on a new climate change film called Before The Flood with Leonardo Di Caprio and Insurgent Media:  Everything filmed on the Sony F5 in a Gates Housing:

Bryce Groark on location in Miami with Before The Flood

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WILDAID – Matching Donations through New Years

We fully support the team at WILDAID and their mission.  One thing that separates WILDAID as an organization is that thanks to core institutional gifts, 100% of online donations go straight to the animals and campaigns.  They’re a small group that does very unique and high impact work.  Check em out.  “When the buying stops, the killing can too”


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New Film – “52: The Search for the Lonliest Whale in the World”

Bryce is back from an incredible week at sea with a great team filming, tagging and listening to blue whales in search of 52: The Lonliest Whale in the World.  From All Day Everyday:

Five years ago Director Josh Zeman first learned of the mystery of the loneliest whale in the world. At that moment he decided to set off on a mission to share this story with the world in the hopes of one day finding 52.  We are incredibly excited to announce that today – a film team led by Director Josh Zeman and expert marine scientists Dr. John Hildebrand (SIO), Dr. Ana Sirovic (SIO), and Dr. John Calambokidis (CRC) – are hitting the great Pacific Ocean in search of the mysterious whale.

images     Unknown

Bryce Groark and JohnCalambokidis

Bryce Groark with the legendary whale scientist, John Calambokidis

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Filming on location in Alabama

Spent this week in Uniontown, Alabama learning more about the catfish industry in America with Harvest Select.

E97C5471 (1)

Catfish pond at sunrise in Alabama

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Filming on location in Maine

Had a great week in Maine filming some amazing fish farms with the Maine Aquaculture Association and Sebastian Belle.

Do you know where most mussels come from?

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Bryce Groark nominated for an Emmy for Best Cinematography

Bryce Groark and Damien Drake were nominated for their cinematography work in Mission Blue for Netflix. Congratulations to Peter Livingston for his well deserved Emmy win for his Editing work on Mission Blue.  Watch the film here on Netflix:

Dos - Damien Drake and Bryce Groark for Mission Blue
Cinematographers – Bryce Groark and Damien Drake for Mission Blue
Jack Youngelson (Writer, Producer), Dr. Sylvia Earle & Peter Livingston (Editor)
Jack Youngelson (Writer, Producer), Dr. Sylvia Earle & Peter Livingston (Editor)
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New Book – “Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs”

Stoked to have Bryce’s images as part of the new edition “Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs.” This book follows a legendary series originating back in the 1980’s by Peter Sale.  From the Editor, Camilo Mora:

“This decade’s book is divided in five parts, providing extensive reviews on the state of the knowledge in the context of basic ecology, macro-scale patterns and processes, human interventions and impacts, conservation, and past and current debates. In total, the book includes 36 chapters by 56 of the world’s leading reef fish ecologists and it is illustrated in full color.”


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Turkey – “Growing the Business of Growing Fish”

Watch our latest short film we produced on sustainable aquaculture in Turkey, “Growing the Business of Growing Fish”:

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Bryce has been nominated for an Emmy this year – “Best Cinematography” for his work in Mission Blue

Bryce, Damien and Axel have been nominated for an Emmy this year in the category: “Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary and Long Form” for their work in Mission Blue.  Mission Blue is also nominated for the categories “Outstanding Editing” and “Outstanding Informational Programming – Long Form.”  Full list of 2015 nominees here:


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New 12″ Vinyl Record Release – “Journey Inwards” by Leo Gunn

We are stoked to have Bryce’s image (aka Honu Moon) on the cover of a new 12″ vinyl record coming out by Leo Gunn – “Deep, Atmospheric House Tracks” – to be released later this year by Deep Explorer Music out of Spain. carpeta

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Filming on location in Seattle

We are producing a new film on aquaculture in the United States – showcasing certain farms that are working hard to do it the right way, while keeping food production in the US and increasing jobs.  The film will feature farms in Seattle, Maine and Alabama.  Last week we completed our first shoot in Seattle working with the salmon industry.  Film to follow in November.Bryce Groark (1)

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“Sex in the Sea” by Marah Hardt

Excited to announce a new book written by our good friend and colleague, Dr. Marah Hardt – called “Sex in the Sea.”  Bryce’s images are included in this book that is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble:


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Filming on Location in Turkey

UnknownLiving Ocean is producing another short aquaculture film for USSEC (United States Soybean Export Council).  This July, we were shooting in Turkey – Istanbul, Bodrum and Izmir with one of the largest supliers of farmed fish throughout Europe – Kilic Holdings.  Film to follow.

IMG_5712 (1)

Bryce Groark filming the fish farm harvest process offshore in Bodrum, Turkey

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“Plastic Soup”

Bryce’s ocean pollution image accompanies this story – Virgin Pure showcases a new study on plastics in our oceans.  Marcus Eriksen from Five Gyres  and others have mapped the true extent of plastic pollution in our oceans for the first time.  5 main points from the study (which can be read here @ PLOS ONE):

  1.  There are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean
  2.  Plastic pollution weighs more than every human combined
  3.  Plastics infect the food chain – all the way to our plates
  4.  Plastic collects in gyres and turns our oceans into plastic soups
  5.  Only 5% of plastic is recycled


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The Nature Conservancy: Kiholo Bay Restoration Project in Hawaii

We produced and shot this short piece on the important work being done at Kiholo Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii by The Nature Conservancy and Hui Aloha Kiholo. Direct Link HERE:

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“Diving Deep for Oceans” – New book from Mondo Publishing

Bryce’s images are part of this new book from Mondo Publishing – “Diving Deep for Oceans” – an inspiring biography of Dr. Sylvia Earle.  The book is available from Mondo Publishing ($49) and will be used as an educational tool in schools across the United States:

SylviaEarle_G4         GR_Kit13

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“Clean Water is Ours to Protect” – Living Ocean working with the EPA

We produced and shot the Hawaii segment (Hawaii, Arizona, California) for this new PSA for the EPA regarding clean water in America.  A longer piece will follow – but here is the 30 second version which was recently released:


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“Sochi Medalists, One Year Later”

Bryce’s images on ESPN and XGames this week – with a story on the 2014 Winter Olympic Medalists in Sochi, Russia.  Dara Howell, Ski Slopestyle Gold Medal Winner: 



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“Sacred Mountain” playing on the Al Jazeera Network’s most globally watched show – “The Stream”

On Monday June 8th – The program, The Stream, on the Al Jazeera network hosted a discussion about the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) slated to be built on Mauna Kea.  Footage from our film, Sacred Mountain, accompanied the story on the show.  Excited that this issue is getting so much attention across the world.  The Stream is Al Jazeera’s most watched show globally on their network (reaching over 260 million households worldwide).  A’ole TMT!

manta (5)


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Failing to Lead – HR1335 Reauthorizing the Magnuson-Stevens Act

We were saddened to hear that our elected officials have voted to “reauthorize” the Magnuson-Stevens Act.  This was an important piece of legislation that managed fisheries from 3 miles to 200 miles offshore – in order to keep fish stocks healthy using sound scientific data.

It’s no secret that fish stocks are in decline world wide and need our help to manage them – but Congress somehow sees it differently – only looking in the short term to keep $$$ in fisherman’s pockets vs having a long term plan to help stocks prevail and recover.

Mahalos to Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard for voting against the Bill.  We hope the Senate is more responsible in their vote.  Voice your opinion to your elected officials – some of them are listening:

Untitled 41


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“Sacred Mountain” playing at the Honolulu Museum of Art – May 23rd

Sacred Mountain will be the closing film of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Honolulu this Saturday, May 23rd – at the Doris Duke Theatre at the Honolulu Museum of Art at 8pm.  Check it out if you’re in town and continue to show support for Mauna Kea:


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Producing a Television Commercial for The Nature Conservancy in Hawaii

We just completed a new TV commercial for The Nature Conservancy – showcasing the great work they are doing in Hawaii by restoring native lands back to where they should be.  The commercial will first air during the 2015 Merrie Monarch Hula Festival starting April 5, 2015.

Direct Link HERE:


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Producing the Hawaii segment of a new PSA for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – with the RED Dragon in 6K

We’re producing the Hawaii portion of a new PSA for the EPA (and Maslow Media Group) showcasing clean waters in the US.  Last week we captured some amazing river, stream and waterfall shots on the Hilo side of the Big Island with the RED Dragon – filming in 6K with Michael Lienau.  PSA coming soon.


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“An Aquacultural Revolution in China”

Watch our latest short film we produced on sustainable aquaculture and a new revolutionary technology being used in China – “Intensive Pond Aquaculture.”

From USSEC: “See how U.S. soybean farmers are helping Chinese fish farmers to revolutionize aquaculture in China, the world’s largest fish farming country.  The U.S. soybean industry funded research to develop the Integrated Pond Aquaculture (IPA) system, which has been provided to China in a technology transfer. The IPA system has been proven to triple the yield of farmed fish in existing Chinese ponds while greatly reducing the environmental impact. Limited water resources can be conserved and recycled, with waste removed for use as biofuel and fertilizer. This system can grow healthy, high quality fish with increased food safety to meet the needs of a growing population.”


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Bryce and Mission Blue at Waimea Ocean Film Festival in Hawai’i

Great week at the Waimea Ocean Film Festival on the Big Island.  Lots of amazing ocean films of all flavors.  Bryce represented Mission Blue at a showing at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on January 6, with a sold out crowd and great interactive Q&A with the audience following the film. He also spoke alongside Stefanie Brendl and former Hawaii Senator Clayton Hee in a “breakfast talk” discussing sharks and the important legislation that has passed and been a catalyst for more positive change for the animals all over the world with the passing of Senate Bill 2169.

Untitled 22WOFF_homeimage1-930x340


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“Emotions” – A new exhibit in the Museum of Natural History in Neuchatel, Switzerland

Bryce’s footage is part of an interactive display that will be up for one year at the Museum of Natural History in Neuchatel, Switzerland – called “Emotions – A Natural History.”  Bryce’s portion of the exhibit is dedicated to the behavior and emotions in animals, specifically underwater cleaning stations and the way fish clean themselves on the reef.

The exhibition runs through January 2016.

From the Museum:  The Natural History Museum of Neuchâtel (in collaboration with the NCCR in Affective Sciences – CISA, University of Geneva), explores a theme extremely rich and thriving in this new exhibition “Emotions – A natural history.” Through an interactive and innovative trail, the exhibition offers a new and exciting dive into the fascinating world of emotions in man and, more broadly, in the animal kingdom…


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Bryce’s images are part of this new book from the French publishing house, Flammarion, called the “Positive Book.”

From Flammarion: “Aiming to be the benchmark work in the area of the positive economy, synthetic and instructive, it expresses the views of renowned personalities, pioneers of the positive economy such as the former US president Jimmy Carter, UN Ambassadors Pavan Sukhdev and Bunker Roy, entrepreneur Richard Branson and thinkers like Edgar Morin and Cynthia Fleury, and many others.”


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BLUE Ocean Film Festival 2014 – with “Mission Blue”

Another incredible week at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival which went off in St Petersburg, FL this year.  “Mission Blue” was the featured evening event on Thursday, November 6 at the Mahaffey Theatre.  Right after the screening and Q&A with Dr Earle, Director Bob Nixon and Cinematographer Bryce Groark, Sylvia presented the Mission Blue Award to President Mohamed Nasheed (of the Maldives) – followed by an amazing dinner sponsored by Rolex – honoring Sylvia and the work that she and President Nasheed have done for the ocean.



President Mohamed Nasheed, National Geographic Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Cinematographer Bryce Groark and Director Bob Nixon



President Mohamed Nasheed, National Geographic Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Cinematographer Bryce Groark and Director Bob Nixon



President Mohamed Nasheed and Dr Sylvia Earle on the Blue Carpet


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“WET” – New Event & Exhibition at New River Fine Art in Ft Lauderdale – Friday, Oct. 17 from 6-10pm

Bryce’s fine art photography on recycled aluminum is on display in a new exhibition for the month of October at New River Fine Art on Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  Had a great party Friday night showcasing Bryce’s work as well as the unique style of Anna Sweet.


Curator Wissam ElGhoul, Owner Lisa Burgess and Photographer Bryce Groark at New River Fine Art in Ft Lauderdale, Florida – 10.17.14



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Virgin Unite & Aqua-Spark – “The First Investment Fund for Sustainable Fish Farming”

Bryce’s images accompany this story on the Virgin Unite blog regarding an incredible new investment fund that will support only the world’s most innovative and sustainable fish farming endeavors – Aquaspark.  Read the article here at Virgin Unite: 


brycegroark 17_1500px

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Red Bull – “Taking Athlete Performance to New Depths in Hawaii”

Great video and article with Bryce’s images from the Red Bull High Performance Camp that went on here in Kona last month – with Red Bull athletes Travis Pastrana, Dara Howell, Bobby Brown, Tarah Gieger, Ben Ferguson, Jordy Mercer, Matt Poole and Jimmy Ho.

***Watch the 4- Minute Video of the Camp HERE*** 


Motocross legend Travis Pastrana after diving to 110 feet on one breath in Hawaii

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